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good morning, it's march 1. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. julie watts is doing news last night and weather this morning. >> can't tell you how much i missed. it feels good to be back on the morning show. i miss weather. i do love consumerwatch but it's fun to fill in here every once in a while and this is a great weather day. we have a little bit of everything for everyone today. starting off with plenty of sunshine, we are going to see mostly clear skies and at least dry conditions for the day today but big changes on the way with this approaching storm system passing through overnight tonight bringing heavy rainfall, bringing high winds. we are going to time it out for you and tell you what to expect and when to expect it coming up in just a bit. now for a check of traffic, we are going to check in with miss elizabeth. i'm getting used to doing it down here with you. >> i'm going to have to borrow some. your enthusiasm julie. i hardly brushed my hair, it's
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all over the place. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a little roadwork still on the upper deck from the incline all the way out towards the "s" curve. so two lanes are blocked until 5 a.m. a stall in oakland southbound 880 approaching oak street. so we'll have more details on that show you where else we're seeing delays. it's all coming up in a little bit. back to you guys. >> we'll get a coffee your way, elizabeth. >> excellent. >> great. in just about 90 minutes, a federal hearing begins in the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. top pg&e executives are expected to be grilled during the three-day hearing. about 20 expert witnesses will testify, as well. an ntsb spokesman said thousands of pages of documents related to the investigation will be released today. last september's explosion killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes in san bruno. another big hearing today involves former giants slugger barry bonds. he will enter a plea this
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afternoon in his perjury trial. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury about steroid use. he is expected to plead not guilty. his trial will start march 21. san mateo police have shot and killed a man they say fired on them. the first call came from a drugstore. police say an armed man trying to get medication was threatening employees there. when police were called about a man creating a disturbance at a nearby home, they found the man who had been at the drugstore. these people >> these people afraid. no? the police no. pay what? i never pay. they send the police here. >> the suspect pointed a handgun directly at the officers and fired upon them. >> no officers were him. one of them fired back killing the suspect, who was armed with
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a .38-caliber revolver. a reward is offered to help find the thief who burglarized a walnut creek home while the owners were at their son's funeral. an anonymous donor is putting up $5,000. last week robert and julia miller returned home to find their house ransacked. a computer, jewelry and documents were missing. their 16-year-old son matthew drowned along with his friend the previous weekend while rafting in walnut creek. it i 4:34. the tax man will be paying a visit to san jose pot clubs. last november voters approved a 7% tax on all marijuana dispensaries, which the city considers to be illegal. yesterday they met with pot club owners to discuss the new tax. many owners expressed concern that the new tax could put them out of business. >> it is not a tax that is designed to allow business to
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exist. it's a tax that's designed to force businesses and people who need medication outside of san jose. >> san jose has about 100 made marijuana shops. a shocking confession and hopes for mercy in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. the lawyer for nancy garrido says his client admits kidnapping his client from south lake tahoe and holding her captive for 18 years. he hopes for a plea deal. >> she should be able to at least walk on the beach probably with a walker at some point in time before she dies. >> sources say dugard and nancy garrido met behind closed doors for the first time since the garridos were arrested. nancy reportedly broke into tears after she was asked, why they did it? she also told nancy to look after herself and her future instead of focusing on phillip. 4:35. the u.s. is outraged following comments by moammar qaddafi.
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he claims his people love him and would die for him. as susan mcguinness reports, the u.s. could soon take military action in libya. >> reporter: troops loyal to moammar qaddafi are fighting to take back territory now in rebel hands. amateur video captured this firefight between pro- and anti- government forces in misurata, libya's third largest city. the uprising that began last month poses the biggest threat yet to qaddafi. his bloody crackdown has left hundreds, possibly thousands dead. still in an interview with abc news, qaddafi laughed off calls for him to step down and denied using force against his own people. >> they love me, all my people love me, they love me all. >> but if they do love you. >> they would die to protect me and my people. >> reporter: qaddafi's comments drew outrage from u.s. officials and some of the
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harshest criticisms left, they called him delusional. >> when he can laugh and talking to americans and international journalists while he is slaughtering his own people, it only underscores how unfit he is to lead and how disconnected he is from reality. >> reporter: the white house is keeping up the pressure on qaddafi to resign. american warships and planes have moved closer to libya. the treasury department has frozen $30 billion in libyan assets and there may be more to come. secretary of state hillary clinton warned qaddafi to surrender now without further violence or delay. she says the u.s. is keeping all options on the table, among them a possible no-fly zone that would prevent libya from bombing its own citizens. susan mcguinness, cbs news, washington. the house is scheduled to vote today on a republican- backed measure aimed at temporarily preventing a government shutdown. the bill would cut $4 billion from the budget while keeping the government running through the middle of the month.
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the white house says it supports the short-term plan but if the measure fails, the government could run out of money by the end of the week. it is 4:37 now. and exclusive eyewitness news poll shows the approval rating for governor jerry brown has grown in the last month. 52% tell surveyusa they approve of the job he is doing, that's nine points higher than the last poll done just after he took office. the new survey finds 39% disapprove of governor brown's performance. 9% aren't sure. >> i think people were very impressed that he would take southwest airlines by himself no entourage, sitting in the cramped seats, down to meetings in l.a. >> adopting a dog. >> little things that people can relate to. >> he is trying to save money and he, like i said, is walk the walk. telling people to save bucks and he is doing the same. so he has a long row to hoe though. >> absolutely. and billions of dollars to go before he sleeps. 4:38. let's check weather and traffic. julie watts has our forecast
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this morning. good morning, julie. >> good morning, guys. i have a fun forecast for you, a little bit of something out there for everyone. starting off this morning, temperatures running a little warmer than this time yesterday, in the upper 30s in the north bay, dense fog in areas of the north bay. a little bit of patchy fog on the coast. 45 san francisco, 40 mountain view this morning, 35 if you head inland to livermore, 38 in concord. now, big changes are in store as we advance into the evening hours. mostly sunny today. it looks like more ominous than it is out there today. but just to the north of this, we have a system that's impressive brewing that's going to bring with it heavy rain, as much as 2" in highest elevations and high winds. a wind advisory for later on this evening. in the meantime, though, you can enjoy the rest of your tuesday mainly mild conditions and pretty seasonal for this time of year. in fact, highs today going to run a little warmer than yesterday so we are going to be
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hovering around 60 for the most part. 59 in santa rosa, 57 in san rafael, 61 redwood city, 61 concord, 61 livermore. this my friends, is the calm before the storm. the big storm passes through overnight tonight while most of you will be sleeping, although i suppose if you're awake right now you might be awake for tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, scattered showers. we'll talk about the long-range forecast and the rest of your seven-day forecast in a little bit. first let's check traffic with miss elizabeth. >> thank you, julie. no big hot spots now. we are looking good on the roads. mostly green on the traffic sensors. here's a live look across the san mateo bridge. you can make out those taillights, traffic heading into the commute direction westbound 92. just checked, still 13, 14- minute drive time heading out of hayward. nimitz freeway 80 through oakland i mentioned that stall southbound 880 at oak street. it sounds like it's still there blocking one lane of traffic but obviously, you can see it is delay-free all the way down towards hayward and the 238 interchange. we are looking good through the
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macarthur maze. getting towards the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have some areas of overnight roadwork including on the upper deck from the incline out towards the "s" curve until 5-ish. two right lanes are blocked again. just heading into san francisco, again, no big delays. all your approaches so far, so good. and your trip down the eastshore freeway right now 18 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. mass transit might be a good day to use it, bart, ace, muni and caltrain all reporting everything on time. and, of course, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's your traffic. back to you. amazing what one cup of coffee will do. the tab could get higher for muni. >> first google street view, now how the website is using tricycles to capture more images. >> time for operation chihauhau.
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why three dozen pint-sized pooches are leaving the bay area for the big apple. that and much more coming up. ,,
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welcome back. mostly clear skies for much. day, some of clouds, big changes on the way. mild in the 50s and 60s. 58 in berkeley. big changes. we'll time it out in a bit. upstairs to you guys. >> thank you. 4:44 on your tuesday. today muni could settle 12 claims related to that july 2009 collision. they would total nearly $1 million. that's on top of the $6 million already spent on other claims and repairing the badly damaged trains. the crash resulted in dozens of injuries after a train rear- ended another one. ntsb has not released an official cause of that crash. and starting today, people with clipper cards will have to
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load a minimum of $5 to the card instead of the $2. changes is in response to people who have figured out how to use the cards without paying full fares. muni riders who don't want to pay five bucks can still buy single ride our roundtrip tickets. a google program expand the mapping capability beyond the streets. you have probably the on the ground perspective. now though google is using the same principle with this oversized tricycles on trails. a mechanical engineers led the team that outfitted them. >> geared like a mountain bike, it steers real well. most people i think get more excited and encouraged to go in real person to a place once they get to kind of whet their appetites. >> what great exercise, as well. huh? >> i guess. >> if there was an ice cream shop i'd be stopping.
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google is rolling out 70 new locations worldwide including five spots in the bay area like the trails at fremont older open space preserve and if you own part of property you can invite the tricycle for free and it goes only where you allow it to. >> big brother is watching in a big, big way, huh? pretty cool. well, it's time for operation chihauhau part 2 i guess. >> san francisco's animal shelter overflowing with three dozen pint-sized canines and right now a dozen dogs are boarding a flight to new york where those pets are in high demand. >> the day they went up for adoption in new york at noon there was a line as of7 a.m. around the block. >> in the wintertime people are already lining up. wonderful dogs and we have too many here in california. >> perfect for new york with those small apartments. animal rescuers say that a rise in backyard breeding of the dogs has resulted in an overpopulation of chihauhaus here in the bay area. >> i'll tell you what, we did some stories in boston on those. >> really? >> when they came n people are
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thrilled because you can't get the dogs out there. >> i wonder why. >> i guess they are bred out here and eventually start heading to the east coast but that was a neat story. people were -- couldn't be happier. so send them east. 4:46. the truth about teens and tans. why some fans of the golden glow could soon be banned from the tanning booth. >> i am on a drug. it's charlie sheen sheen. >> what's this guy thinking? charlie sheen letting loose on national television. his explosive comments and what cbs has agreed to do coming up. my kind of breakfast, free flapjacks all day today.
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a great change is at hand and our task is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. those who look only to the past or the present, are certain to miss the future. do not pray for easy lives. pray to be stronger men.
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ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. the international space station. the 21-f er... this morning astronauts on the space shuttle discovery will install a new storage room on the international space station. the 21-foot-long chamber is called leonardo, it was built in italy aptly named.
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it's loaded with supplies as well as a humanoid robot. yesterday nasa extended story's final mission by one day. they may take some pictures on the outside of the space station. final one up there. new video has surfaced after a large earthquake hit arkansas. surveillance video at a convenience store caught the moment. check it out. the 4.7 earthquake hit greenbriar. see clerks running, people ducking for cover there. the quake caused minor damage but no injuries. it's the largest of more than 800 quakes that hit arkansas since september. scientists are wondering if there is a connection to natural gas drilling in the area. >> a lot of people don't realize they have quakes in arkansas and missouri that area. towns across ohio and other parts of the midwest bracing for flooding. a mix of rain and melting snow is causing problems. hard hit is finlay south of
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toledo. forecasters call for a river to rise 6.5 feet above flood level. certainly nothing we have to worry about around here, though. we have had our share of flood problems in past years. but right now, maybe just a little rain in the forecast. what about it, julie? >> you know... i hate to throw it out there but considering how much rain we're going to get overnight tonight into tomorrow morning in such a short amount of time i wouldn't be surprised if we saw a little small stream flooding in higher elevations. before that, lots of sunshine and dry conditions for at least the nex 12 hours. out the door this morning, mostly clear. temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. later today we'll be warmer than yesterday. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s and as i mentioned, plenty of sunshine, a few clouds mixed in but dry. the main story for much of the day today. it's not until later this
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evening that we start to see this approaching storm system. when high pressure moves in we'll see the gradient beef up. that means gusty winds along with a nice swath of heavy rain. we are tapping into some subtropical moisture out there so we'll see plenty of rainfall. we'll time it out four. we stay dry through your evening commute but as we move overnight, rain moves in and we'll pause around midnight and we'll see some of the heaviest rain of course in the north bay and in the santa cruz mountains. half inch in places like san jose and the south bay. temperatures, pretty nice today and yes, dry through the day today. 62 san jose, 61 fremont. 56 daly city. heading to the east bay, you will see a similar temperature range. low 60s for many folks, danville 61, walnut creek at 60. 58 berkeley for you today. and the north bay again you're
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starting off a little bit of fog this morning but you will see more sunshine later on today. 57 novato, 54 stinson beach and 60 in benicia. take a look at that extended forecast. we have a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun. starting off with sun today overnight tonight the rain moves n by tomorrow morning's commute, the heavy rain will taper off to showers which will likely stay with us through the better part of thursday. a little break in the rain or friday but then heading into the weekend the next round of showers saturday into sunday. it's still far out there but we could see another nice round of showers from this weekend, as well. back to you guys. >> i'll take it julie. >> oh, sorry, elizabeth. >> we're mixing it up today. let's go towards the south bay. show you traffic coming out of downtown san jose. so far, so good in those northbound lanes of 280. no big problems this morning. there is a little bit of construction on the guadalupe parkway northbound 87 to about 5:00 this morning. the drive out of the altamont pass, we are just going to check our usual hot spots around this time of the
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morning. our usual first spots to slow. westbound 580 though still looks great off the 205. quick trip out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. san mateo bridge, you know, there isn't any roadwork this morning near the 880/92 interchange. so need to worry about detours or anything like that. and it's a nice drive in either direction across the span. there is live look. the camera is positioned just past the toll plaza. 880 through oakland, i mentioned one earlier stall. that was southbound 880 at oak street. that's now clear. totally gone. and here's a live look at what traffic conditions look like as you pass the coliseum. you can see the live traffic sensors in the back ground, 60 to 65 miles an hour. easy ride from hayward to oakland and the macarthur maze. all the approaches to the bay bridge -- 24 through orinda, all the way out towards the caldecott tunnel -- looks great. hey, some slight delays in some of those cash lanes as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. but again, no big issues right now heading into san francisco. now, things can change at any time. so once you do hit the road,
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remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. >> thank you. charlie sheen had quite the day. >> the train wreck known as charlie sheen, i tell ya, it's just rolling along. his veteran publicist quit following more outrageous comments from the actor. during several morning show interviews, sheen criticized cbs, addicts who relapse, and aa. meantime, warner bros. has agreed to pay the crew of "two and a half men" for four of the eight episodes that were cancelled. that's what i really worry about, the crew. radar online says sheen took a drug test which shows that he has been clean for at least the last 72 hours. >> i am on a drug, it's called charlie sheen. uhm, it's not available because if you try it once, you will die. your face will melt off and your children will weep over
4:55 am
your exploded body. [ laughter ] >> what's he thinking? >> sheen says if cbs wants him back, he wants $3 an episode instead of his old paltry $1.8 million that he made per episode. cbs the owner of this station has not made any comment. so frank, if you don't get a raise this year, that is why. >> well, there is a guy that does not need a cup of coffee this morning. [ laughter ] >> unbelievable. well, moving on here. hpv is more common in men than many thought. a new study found that 50% of men are infected with the virus. they also say two-thirds of tongue and tonsil cancers are also caused by the hpv virus. and 80% of those cases happen in men. doctors say in most people, the virus does go away on its own, but it may persist in men more than women. they say the new findings will provoke more discussion about whether boys should be vaccinated against hpv. pediatricians are pushing for a federal ban on tanning
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for teenagers. the american academy of pediatrics announced it's in favor of outlawing tanning salons for kids younger than 18. they say indoor tanning increases the risk of skin cancer. the pediatrics group cited several studies that show a link between overexposure to sun in childhood and melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. did you know that today is national pancake day? >> i did not. here's a gal that just love pancakes. >> i do. i do. >> she served them to the whole crew on friday. i hot is serving free flapjacks from 7:00 until 10 p.m. so you have some time here, syd. in exchange, restaurants ask guests to consider donating to a local charity. since 2006 the promotion has raised more than $5 million for children's hospital. last year, ihop served 4 million free pancakes. the largest one day event in the company's history. >> yeah. got to give a big shoutout to grumpy's right around the
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corner here. 5.25 for three big flapjacks. and they were good. >> so much, you got to like to douse them in syrup. deliesh. a warning for people on the peninsula. how one thief tricked a home owner and robbed the place. >> and pg&e officials in the hot seat today. what federal investigators are expected to ask them about the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. and special cargo to arrive here at sfo this morning for a cross-country journey to find new homes. that story coming up. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. pg&e in the hot seat this morning. what's expected to happen during a federal hearing. everybody knows. the police know. >> a mentally ill man shot and killed by police. the tense standoff moments before gunfire erupted. and good morning, it is tuesday, the 1st day of march. i'm sydnie kohara.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 on your tuesday. double dipping today as we mentioned. last night doing news, and this morning happy to have julie watts in for a little weather. good morning. >> i love to be in for a little bit of weather. i'll be doing news again tonight, don't worry but in the meantime we have a night forecast a little bit of everything. you will see spring sun and showers in the next 24 hours. we are starting off with mostly sunny skies today and mild temperatures up a couple of
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